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25 Sense February 22, 2010

Filed under: Parking — spartan2spartan @ 8:15 PM

As if parking were not limited enough on our campus; the outrageous prices for parking meters (.25 for a mere 10 minutes) just throws salt in the wound.  I woke up this morning to the heart wrenching sight that yet another blizzard had hit our already dreary snow covered campus.  Not wanting to venture out even at all, I weighed the pros and cons of walking and decided that ruining yet another pair of socks, the bottom of another pair of pants, and another pair of shoes were not in the cards.  So, I’d choose what should be the lesser of two evils and drive.  If you are lucky enough to have saved up enough change over the weekend to afford parking you will arrive at a lot only to find a) it’s full b) it has a one hour time limit- which doesn’t work out with your hour and 20 minute class- or c) you managed to misplace some of your change somewhere between your kitchen table, wallet, coat pocket, and cup holder so it looks like your time spent in class today will tally a whopping 37 minutes (all the change you could find) On a campus this huge I’m convinced there has got to be a better way. I’m tired of cashing my paycheck every week and asking for it in quarters.  What I wanna know is, where is the free parking?  This campus is huge– where are all the “backdoor lots?”  The secret spots the campus parking security don’t check??


One Response to “25 Sense”

  1. I absolutely hate the parking people at MSU! I swear they are out to get me as they ticket me to the tee. They are always right there when my meter runs out, they suck! I think we should riot against MSU parking haha jk I hope I don’t get in trouble for using riot and MSU in the same sentence given our history. Anywho, good post!

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